Learn to Talk About What Matters Most.

Do You Need To…?

  • Increase collaboration, shatter silos and boost buy-in?
  • Boost problem solving, prompt action, increase motivation?
  • Shift attitudes, reduce tension, enrich relationship?
  • Engage in candid two-way conversations that spark lasting change?
  • Clarify roles, truly delegate, and develop professional potential?
  • Increase accountability moving away from finger pointing and embrace responsibility?
  • Embrace generational differences, increase inclusion and diversity?

The Business Case for Radical Transparency

Susan Scott is a best-selling author and leadership development architect who has enabled top executives worldwide to engage in vibrant dialogue with one another, with their employees, and with their customers.

Our Master Facilitators

Teach You:


How to take the frustration out of feedback


How to use Delegation as a leadership development tool


How to turn a confrontation into a tool to enrich relationships

Decision Making

Proven techniques to make better decisions around key initiatives


The best question to kick off any coaching conversation–and how to keep it on track

Actionable Strategies

And many more proven, actionable strategies to help your team have conversations that matter

Here’s What To Expect:

Focus on activities.Focus on results.
Skirting the issues. No one engages. Nothing changes.Open culture that identifies and addresses issues truthfully. Generating the best decision for the organization.
An 'us versus them,' 'me versus you' culture. Politics, turf wars, competition for resources, and attention.High levels of alignment, collaboration, and partnership at all levels throughout the organization.
Reacting to and recuperating from poorly thought-out conversations.Engaging in effective, consequential conversations that resolve tough challenges.
Leaders micro-managing versus leading. No grass roots leadership development.Effective coaching and delegation. Development of quality 'bench' to fill future leadership positions.
A relationship with customers and employees based solely on price and salary. Diffulty maintaining margins.Relationships with customers and employees that extend beyond price. Customers and employees are engaged on an emotional level.
Original thinking is happening elsewhere. Sleepwalking through the manual.Shared enthusiasm for agility, continued learning, and epiphanies; shared standard of performance.
A culture of terminal 'niceness.' Avoiding or working around problem employees. Tolerating mediocrity.Effectively confronting attitudinal, performance or behavioral issues, and creating the impetus for change.
“Success in relationships is founded on open communication. Fierce Conversations is an incredibly valuable program/tool for anyone who recognizes the importance of clear, high-stakes communication be it in a professional or personal context. Harriette knows her stuff, and delivers Fierce with, well, Ferocity….”
Gregg Phipps


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