Experience a Better Way to Innovate

Our solutions enable immediate progress and create momentum toward lasting, whole-system shifts.

The Proven Method for Spotting and Tackling Hidden Opportunities

Experience Innovation™ is a family of experiential workshops built in collaboration with innovation powerhouse IDEO, that build creative confidence and competence.

With the purposeful application of technology, Experience Innovation heightens engagement and enables innovation skill building at scale.

From front line staff and new employees to project teams and executive leadership, our workshops are designed to unleash new ways of thinking at all levels of your organization.

Two Ways to Experience Innovation™

We have different team-based programs designed to help your people solve business challenges, support a culture of innovation and turn great ideas into solutions that make an impact:

Experience Innovation | AWARE introduces your people to essential design thinking techniques, mindset and behaviors in a hands-on format. This 90-minute workshop highlight how to bring creative habit like deep user empathy, radical collaboration and rapid experimentation to one’s work everyday.

Experience Innovation | LEARN steps your people through the essentials of a four-month innovation project in an engaging half-day or full-day workshop. Team tackle a realistic design challenge while applying the three phases of design thinking.

Want to bring us to your organization?

For organizations seeking customized, training and development.

Let our learning consultants assess your unique needs, and design a customized solution, delivered in house, and on budget. We specialize in performance based learning, and include leadership coaching with all our courses to increase learning transfer, and increase your return on investment.

Our courses will be designed to support your existing programs and processes, to ensure seamless integration of new concepts and skills.

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