Our solutions enable immediate progress and create momentum toward lasting, whole-system shifts.

Personalized Approach

Partner with a coach who truly meets you where you are instead of the usual ‘one-size fits all’ approach.

Industry Accredited

Every Big Leap Leadership Coach is a Certified Executive Coach
and is accredited with the International Coaching Federation.

Real Change

Change is hard but the results are worth it. Our coaches help you get quick wins boost your confidence and provide you with the tools you need to create meaningful change.


We’ve had the pleasure of working with leaders all over the globe helping them take their next big leap. Whether you are learning to lead, a high-potential, woman in leadership, or C-Suite Executive we have coaching programs designed with you in mind.


Coaching has many benefits including:

• Leadership development and performance
• Increased levels of employee engagement
• Retention of top talent
• Succession Planning
• Increased team cohesion and collaboration

We customize all of our coaching experiences to suite your unique needs, because transformation doesn’t come in a box.

  • Outstanding executives continually strive to enhance their leadership skills in order to successfully communicate with employees and customers. We work with key decision makers to craft a customized program focused on organizational performance and personal development. One-on-one sessions provide behavioural insights that help leaders thrive in their professional environment. Simply put, effective management training accelerates business results.

    We work with senior leaders to successfully establish executive presence, lead high-performing teams, engage employees, manage change and create work/life balance.

  • You know that you have leadership potential but you want to learn how to lean in to manage others and achieve leadership mastery. What does your personal branding say about you as a professional? What does the political landscape look like? When is being eager to excel too ambitious? Our learning to lead program will prepare you to become the kind of aspiring leader that seasoned veterans will want to mentor, sponsor and open career doors for.

  • Does life feel out of control? Did you used to have a handle on life until it broke? We help busy professionals recalibrate life so you can refocus on what matters most. We can help you achieve clarity and the confidence you need to move forward to a healthier and happier life.

  • The life of an active professional is always changing. As it does, many professionals choose to evaluate their goals and recalibrate. Whether you are contemplating a career change, going back to school, or simply want to grow within your current work environment, we will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to make future career and life decisions. Together, you will identify the factors that influence your career development, such as your interests, strengths, values, personality, background and circumstances. Once your strengths and goals have been identified, we will help chart a course for success.

  • Communicating is an art form that is invaluable professionally and personally. Regardless of your professional position, honing communications skills can have a profound impact on your success. Let us help you improve presentation skills, develop courage, and candour, and learn how to have Fierce Conversations. If you get results through communication with others, and feel a need to polish your design and delivery, let us help you.

  • It’s an exciting time for women in leadership. We help women in leadership have a seat at the table and a voice to go with it. We’ve worked with hundreds of women in leadership and assist women to overcome to personal and professional barriers that are standing in their way from achievement. Our goal is always been to empower women, who can empower others. We design holistic strategies to prepare women to take ownership of their career advancement.

  • Would you like to equip the leaders in your organization with the skills required to coach effectively? If building a coaching culture is your next move, then let us work with you to design a program that suits your needs.

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