Experience Change

Change Is Certain. Buy-In Isn’t.

Creating buy-in for change is hard.  Organizations that are good at change are able to quickly align people around new ways of doing things in response to opportunities or threats.

ExperienceChange simulates the challenges of real world change, without the real world scars. From analysis through to planning and implementation, the experience delivers the essentials of a year-long change journey in a one-day workshop.

The ExperienceChange simulation is an accelerated project experience for leaders and managers. Over the course of a one-day workshop, participants experience a “year in the life” of a change team. The simulation focuses on, a company fraught with realistic change challenges. Through careful application of change management best practices, learners build stakeholder buy-in and lead the company to success.  The simulation provides learning-by-doing, where knowledge retention is optimized and change concepts become immediately relevant for real-world projects.

Who should attend an ExperienceChange™ workshop?
Managers at all levels of experience and change sophistication.
High Potential Leaders
Intact and/or cross-functional teams

ExperienceChange™ Learning Outcomes


  • Understand change management best practice and their role in it
  • Gain experience applying best practice in a no-risk environment
  • Be ready to use this knowledge and skills to support future change at the organization
  • Apply change best practice, theories, approaches, and principles to their diverse business situations
  • Build and develop stakeholder buy-in through application of tools and techniques
  • Develop awareness of personal biases that may affect change management and attempts at innovation


  • Develop a common language for understanding change
  • Share individual experience and expertise within and between teams
  • Identify areas where group process development may be required
  • Move forward immediately with action plansOrganizations to:
  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Apply new strategies successfully
  • Better meet organizational needs

At the conclusion of an ExperienceChange workshop, participants will be able to confidently answer ‘yes’ to the following statements:

I understand why change is important
I can guide a team through change
I understand a process for effectively managing change

Your people will dive into change management best practices, exploring their role and how change affects others. They’ll get practical experience applying a proven change framework, and learn from their missteps to create tangible results.

With the confidence, knowledge, and skills to successfully lead organizational transformation at any scale, they’ll emerge ready to support expected and unexpected changes—and ensure your strategies and solutions realize their full potential.


Workshop Details

Dates: October 5th, 2018 | November 7th, 2018

Times: 830am-430pm

Where: TBC

Investment:  $475 + HST


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