Fierce Conversations®
What gets talked about, what doesn’t get talked about, and who gets invited to the conversation, determines what will happen, or won’t happen.

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Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations workshop attendees learn to ignite productive dialog that interrogates reality, provokes learning, resolves tough challenges, and enriches relationships. It’s the place to begin, the cornerstone of great leadership, healthy cultures, intelligent strategies, and whole-hearted execution.

We believe that in organizations, what gets talked about, how it gets talked about and who gets invited to the conversation determines what will or won’t happen.

We believe that the quality of your conversations- as a leader, a team member, or as a human being- determines the quality of your relationships and ultimately, the results and successes you will enjoy.


Fierce Conversations

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At Big Leap, we are proud to be a Fierce Conversations® Authorised Provider which means not only can we run this powerful culture changing courses in-house but we can also accredit your internal trainers.
“ Success in relationships is founded on open communication. Fierce Conversations is an incredibly valuable program/tool for anyone who recognizes the importance of clear, high-stakes communication be it in a professional or personal context. Harriette knows her stuff, and delivers Fierce with, well, Ferocity.”
Greg Phipps, Innovacorp

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