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Our award-winning leadership solutions, not only inspire but also create sustainable behaviour change.

Icons 2_Fierce Conversations

Fierce Conversations

Learn how to start talking about what matters.

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Icons_Ignite Innovation

Ignite Innovation

Bring new ideas to life and build a culture of innovation.

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Icons_Navigate Change

Develop the mindset, tools and processes required to drive change.

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Take your leadership to the next level with a Certified Executive Coach.

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BLL Design Files_Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership

Elevate your leadership effectiveness and drive meaningful performance across every level of your organization.

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"Big Leap taught us strategies to make real and lasting change. They are the vanguard of a new generation of thought and action leaders."

Jennifer Cameron, NS Power
Our Clients

Why Big Leap?

Symptoms vs. Root Cause

Quick wins are just that. They treat obvious symptoms, but not for long. We don’t treat symptoms. We go deep to address underlying patterns so you can resolve your most pressing challenges with repeatable, sustainable results.

One Truth vs. Many Truths

Problems today are hard to solve. Hard problems demand and deserve diversity of thought. We examine multiple perspectives in order to make the best decisions possible. Then and only then can real change occur.

Static Instruction vs. Authentic Engagement

We don’t lecture. We engage, inspire, and stimulate. We design solutions that tackle tough challenges and inspire new ways of thinking and doing. Our approach ensures that you achieve more than you thought was possible.

Delivery vs. Design

Our approach starts with imagining the future, and then designing the right solution to solve your unique challenges. Rather than leave you with a one-size-fits-all plan, we work alongside you as partners in your success.

Take the first step toward your Big Leap.

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Halifax, NS

Halifax, NS

Halifax, NS

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