Transform your leadership, authentically from the inside out.

What if there was a better model to increase leader’s effectiveness?

One that:

  • Integrates the best theory and research on leadership, human, and spiritual development, and mirrors the complexities leaders face today?
  • Radically shifts our understanding of what extraordinary leadership is and how we can elevate our practice of leadership?
  • Is dynamic, such that if we change a limiting belief and its associated behaviour, new more effective patterns emerge immediately?
Develop effective leaders with our comprehensive approach.

Tools for Individuals, Teams, and Organizations.


The Leadership Circle Profile is a leadership assessment that measures and provides leaders feedback through the lends of the Universal Model. It is the only instrument that measures the two primary leadership domains – Creative Competencies and Reactive Tendencies – and integrates that information so that key opportunities for leadership development immediately rise to the surface.


The Leadership Culture Survey delivers a powerful “MRI” of your leadership culture. Our survey can be used for your entire organization or for a specific leadership team. Leadership Culture survey reveals valuable data that tells you how your people view the current leadership culture and compares that reality to the optimal culture they desire.


The Leadership System is a complete and integrated system for enhancing the effectiveness of individual and collective leadership for your entire organization. Components of the system are built on and around the same foundation as The Leadership Circle Profile and provide and ongoing systemic approach for lasting change.


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"As I delved more deeply into the model, the simplicity was deceptive. I soon found really valuable insights: truly some a’ha moments. As my coach explained the underlying logic, even more, fell into place. In my almost 9 years in this role, this is the most positive personal development experience I’ve had."

R Matthews, Government of Nova Scotia

There is no substitute for effective leadership.